Philly wins 'Parking Wars' as A&E moves on

It looks as if the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s 15 minutes are finally up.

When A&E’s “Parking Wars” returns for its fifth season Feb. 11, the spotlight’s glare will be on the ticket-writers — and angry parkers — of Detroit and Providence, R.I.

Detroit’s been part of the show since Season 3, but Providence — described in an A&E press release as “a town originally built for horse and buggy traffic” — is new to “Wars.”

An A&E spokeswoman Monday morning confirmed that the PPA’s contract had ended “and Hybrid Films decided to expand filming to other cities.”

Lucky Providence: It’s hard to imagine that the airing of parking disputes did much for Philly’s reputation (though as of Monday, A&E’s “Parking Wars” Web site still pointed potential tourists to

And if the city’s parking enforcement officers miss the attention, well, there’s always “Survivor.”