When Piers Morgan said he wanted to have fun on CNN, he clearly meant it. The man who starting tonight replaced Larry King at 9 p.m. seemed positively giddy in the interview he taped with Oprah Winfrey nearly two weeks ago in what looked like a hotel suite (whose potted plants got as many closeups as the interview subject). And Oprah? Played him like a violin, even suggesting (and answering) a softball he hadn't pitched. Pre-taped interviews are meant to be a staple of "Piers Morgan Tonight," whose host thinks "live" means "hard to promote," but if tonight's is any indication, live might be, well, livelier. Tomorrow, Morgan follows Oprah -- whom he compared to the queen of England -- with King of All Media Howard Stern, in what looks more like a TV studio. Here's hoping that's fun for someone other than Morgan and Stern.