Why are people tripping about Beyonce’s new pixie hair cut?


Why are people tripping about Beyonce’s new pixie hair cut?

Yes, the look unveiled on Instagram Wednesday is a radically different one for Mrs. Carter. But this is 2013. By tomorrow, she could go right back to the long, blonde mane she's famous for.

Heck, she may even be back to flipping all that long hair around even as I type this blog post. Wigs, weaves and hair pieces make switching your style so easy these days.

I'll bet Queen Bey has a closet full of blonde hair that she's crazy in love with. All in different shades of blonde or various lengths. It's gotten so that having extra hair options on hand these days is kind of like having a closet full of shoes. Variety is king. You're not stuck with whatever nature gave you.

And if an accident happens like when Beyonce got her hair caught in a fan recently while performing earlier this summer, it's no big thing. You just keep on singing the way Beyonce did  and toss on another wig. Or go for a super short 'do which reportedly was done by two stylists in Brooklyn, according to InStyle.com.

“I think it’s amazing,” Rita Hazan told InStyle.com about the superstar's new coif. “It’s a strong empowering statement. It’s modern and old Hollywood at the same time.”

I love the name of her color - Champagne Summer Blonde.

“The cut is such a statement, the color had to be soft and sexy,” Hazan told the website. “I kept her natural base color and strategically highlighted her whole head in very tiny section to get that look.”

Way to work it, Sasha Fierce.  Next time, try Rihanna Red.