Wedding planner suggests insurance in case of fights

A still image from a video posted to YouTube shows the melee that erupted at the Society Hill Sheraton on Sunday among the attendees of two weddings. Three people were arrested and one man died of a heart attack.

There’s life insurance, health insurance, home owner’s insurance but until today I’d never heard about wedding insurance. A Philadelphia-based wedding planner, Mark Kingsdorf, and I were chatting earlier about the disturbing melee between two wedding parties at the Sheraton Society Hill on Sunday during which one wedding guest suffered a fatal heart attack, when Kingsdorf brought up the importance of couples’ insuring against calamaties such as what happened.

“You’ve got two big drunken parties that collided,” he said of the eyebrow-raising brawl that was videotaped on an iPhone by a teen-aged hotel guest who’d been awakened by all the noise. “I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often."

When he’s organizing weddings, Kingsdorf advises couples to get a one-day rider on their homeowner’s insurance to cover the possiblity that a fight like what happened could break out.  (Not all insurances allow for this. You have to check.) Some brides opt to take out wedding day insurance to cover the cost of a member of the bridal party’s getting injured as they’re about to walk down the aisle.

In the incident at the Sheraton, police said the fight began when some of the guests in a wedding reception went to the hotel bar and began fighting. Guests from another wedding at a different venue, who were staying at the Sheraton, reportedly arrived and began duking it out  with the guests who were already fighting. The carrying on spilled out into the lobby and outside.

“I’m sure somewhere along the way with this, somebody will get sued,” Kingsdorf predicted.

Besides damage from fights, wedding insurance can also cover other uncontrollable events such as a weather-related cancellation or an illness or serious accident that causes a costly postponement. According to the wedding site,, general liability insurance “which covers up to $1,000,000, for accidents, costs around $185. 

Not a bad investment, when you consider what all can happen.