South Philly lingerie shop to be featured on 'Steve Harvey'

South Philly lingerie shop featured on "Steve Harvey."

In the land of cheese steaks, no one should have a problem selling plus-size underwear.

But tell that to Valerie and Phil Cuttino, owners of Lovely's Lingerie inside the inside the Pennsport Mall at Moyamensing Avenue and Moore Street in South Philly. Ever since they opened in May, keeping the business open has been a struggle.

In December, Valerie in desperation wrote into the "Steve Harvey Morning Show" asking for help. Harvey interviewed her live on the air and before she'd even hung up, her website crashed because of all folks trying to get on Lovely's phone also started ringing and people began wandering in.

Harvey helped save the day, as the saying goes.

So did the Daily News which featured Lovely's Lingerie on the cover the very next day.

If that weren't enough, today Harvey will feature the boutique on his talk show at 2 p.m on NBC's WCAU-TV. Once again Harvey to the rescue. Or maybe it's a chance for him to show off sexy women in nightgowns and corsets. Whatever. What's good for ratings is also good for business.