Sexy Singles Day 2: Meet Aleeya

Aleeya is a 2013 Sexy Single

Model Aleeya McFadden is our cover girl for Day 2 of Sexy Singles.

Six gorgeous feet tall — without the stiletto heels she loves — this 26-year-old bartender/model should be all boo’d up. Check out to find out why she isn't. (Photo by Staff photographer Steven M. Falk, taken in a penthouse suite at The Water Club at Borgata.)

To date Perry O'Hearn, the owner of Philly Phitness, prepare to get physical. The 27-year-old personal trainer’s idea of a good time is hanging out at Go Vertical indoor rock gym.

Monica Mullet', a South Philly clothing designer, once apprenticed with a Mummers costume maker.

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(Here's a short clip from Aleeya's video.)