Pro athletes of Sexy Singles

We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sexy Singles with a look back this week at some of our favorites. Here are some of Jenice Armstrong's favorite athletes who have appeared in Sexy Singles.

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1. Curtis Marsh (2012) | Regular Gig: Eagles cornerback

2. Trevard Lindley (2012) | Regular Gig: Ex-Eagles cornerback now free agent

3. Stewart Bradley (2009) | Regular Gig: Ex-Eagle now Denver Broncos linebacker

4. Raheem Brock (2011) | Regular Gig: The Temple grad is a Seattle Seahawks defensive end

5. Joey Demalavez (2004) | Regular Gig: Pro boxer turned owner/trainer at Joltin Jabs gym

6. Bob Snider (2010) | Regular Gig: Ex-Philadelphia Wings lacrosse player now with Canadian Hamilton Nationals.

7. John Christmas (2010) | Regular Gig: Philadelphia Wings lacrosse player