Plastic Surgery Mishap

Usher and Tameka

How far would you go to look slimmer after having a baby?  And after giving birth, would you wait or immediately schedule plastic surgery? I ask because I'm sitting here, shaking my head over the latest about Usher's wife. Tameka Raymond,  just two months earlier had given birth, suffered cardiac arrest while being anesthetized to undergo liposuction in Brazil of all places. According to The Associated Press, she  "was revived in less than a minute by heart massage" and then placed in an "induced coma" before being moved to the intensive care unit. The mother of five is reportedly recuperating.

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to feel a little sorry for Raymond, who married Usher in 2007. The pressures she must be under to look a certain way so soon post-baby must have been huge - so huge that she didn't think she could wait and get the weight off the old-fashioned way. Losing weight naturallyis hard work. You have to exercise, eat right and be patient. 

You probably remember the Internet vitriol she was subjected to after she married Usher by fans who questioned his choice. They were saying she was too old for him (she's 38 and he's 30); good enough and so on.... This, no doubt, was an attempt by her to live up to some idealized standard of what the wife of a superstar entertainer is supposed to look like. You see so many Hollywood types who give birth but then show up on a red carpet looking as if they've just been away at a spa existing on carrots and celery. If you're in that world, you must feel pressure to do the same thing. Kind of makes you glad, you aren't, huh?