Oprah's breast cancer scare

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is sure not one for keeping secrets.

 The New York Times reported on Sunday that the 58-year-old talk show magnate surprised fans when she let the news drop that she experienced a breast cancer scare last week.  Winfrey made the announcement before a gathering of about 5,000 at an O magazine conference in Los Angeles.

Her famous best friend,  Gayle King, was visibly shaken by the revelation, prompting an audience member to get on Winfrey for not giving the CBS co-anchor any advance warning.  If you ask me, that was a little out of line. I’m sure that after knowing Winfrey all these years, King is used to her friend’s spontaneous public confessions, even if this one involved Winfrey’s health.

Besides, breast cancer scares aren’t all that unusual nor are they reason to get overly worked up about.  The University of Southern California San Francisco reported last year that “more than half of cancer-free women will be among those summoned back for more testing because of false-positive results, and about one in 12 will be referred for a biopsy.”

So, thanks, Oprah, for your frankness. Maybe the next woman who gets a false positive won't feel as alone when it happens to her.