The Donald is planning to sue the former Miss Pennsylvania

Breaking News: TMZ is reporting that The Donald is moving ahead with plans to sue, the former Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monin for defamation.  Trump says his pageant is legit.

Jobs may be hard to find, but here's one no one wants - and that's the gig of being Miss Pennsylvania USA.

In this photo provided by the Miss Universe Organization, Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin competes during the 2012 Miss USA Presentation Show on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 in Las Vegas.

You'd think folks would be clamoring to step in Miss Pennsylvania USA's stilettos.

But uh uh.

After the former Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin returned her rhinestone tiara after Sunday's national pageant, calling the annual contest rigged as well as "fraudulent" and "trashy," state pageant officials turned to her first runner up. But Valerie Compeggie, 26, of Pittsburgh was, like, no way. Doing so, would disqualify her from ever competing for the title of Miss USA.

So, the next logical person to take over would be Elliot Griffin, who was named second runner up at the Miss Pennsylvania USA pageant in December. But she won't do it either. A recent Temple University grad, she also doesn't want to forfeit her chance to compete in Miss USA.

You've got to love these women's focus and determination.

Meanwhile, pageant officials say the real reason Monnin pulled out is she is upset with their decision to admit transgendered contestants.  Donald Trump, a pageant co-owner, last night gave her 24 hours apologize in writing for defaming the Miss USA Pageant, which he maintains is fair and honest.

So, the drama continues.