Jennifer Hudson is working it out

Oscar-winning actress/singer Jennifer Hudson had it going on even before her amazing 80-pound weight loss.  Yes, she was a big girl, but there was an innocence and vulnerability about her that only made her more beautiful.  And I loved how she didn’t appear overly preoccupied with her weight and fitting into an unrealistic Hollywood ideal. .

Her size 16 body was as substantial as that voice of hers and in her plus-size women found a role model - someone on the public stage who was built like them.  But that was before her recent slim down to a size 6 and the new Weight Watchers commercial. In it, we see the Hudson we were introduced to on “American Idol” as well as the new, more glamorous version. I know she’s probably healthier, but the commercial’s a little off.

A slimmed-down Jennifer Hudson

“I think it’s very sad and that it’s giving out the wrong message. The message should be about being healthy and not about ‘poor me’ and ‘look what I used to look like when I was fat,’” agreed Madeleine Jones, editor of Plus Model Magazine.  “They really are sending the wrong message. It should be more about health because we are trying to advocate a healthy lifestyle.”

“She’s looking at herself almost like, ‘Oh you poor thing. Now, look at me,’”  Jones added.   “A lot of people are very upset about the way it makes Jennifer Hudson look. (It’s as if) she’s kind of looking down at that other girl.”

“It’s such a bad thing for her reputation. A lot of women identify with her.”

Especially since the average American woman wears a size 14. You would have to be a hater, though, to  begrudge Hudson her "how you like me now moment," but still you can't help but remember that we liked her before, too.