Chris Brown up for Nickelodeon Award

Chris Brown, right, performs with Rihanna at a New York concert. Inset: Photo of Rihanna posted on (File photo)

I'm working on a piece for tomorrow's Daily News that touches on the Chris Brown-Rihanna thing, reflecting how this story is evolving since my column last month about it. 

But I had to take a moment to stop and see if it's true what I've been hearing about the Nickleodeon Kids' Choice Awards and Brown's being nominated for best male singer. And believe it or not, yes, he's one of four male singers up for the award. 

This has to be an oversight. What a travesty it would be to see him come up on stage and get an award at a time like this. Please, say it ain't so, Nick!

I know Brown  hasn't been convicted of his two felony charges, but he has publicly apologized for battering his girlfriend. At this point, he's not someone who should be recognized unless they're planning to give him a dose of the show's trademark green slime.