Beauty Standards

Venus (left) and Serena Williams

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams are phenomenal beauties both on and off the court. But what's the old saying? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I get that. But then when you see Venus' and Serena's being left out of a ranking of the 10 most beautiful women on the official Web site of the 2009 Australian Open, it's downright galling.  How can you not include either of them? It's probably just one person's opinion but still.... A friend sent me an Internet blog posting by a dad worried about possible ramifications of such a narrow idea about attractiveness.

Here's author Jewel Woods's piece on The Root

"As the husband of a woman who looks like Venus and Serena, it offends me that my standards of beauty are not recognized or validated in professional sports. And as the father of a 6-year-old black girl who loves to run, jump, sweat, grimace, grunt and do all the things that are necessary for her to excel as an athlete, it pains me to think of the choices that will be forced upon her as she gets older because of these standards."