Barbie Ban Proposed

A girl looks at Barbie dolls in Beijing.

Just 'cause she's made of plastic, doesn't mean she's going to harm your kids. Somebody had better run and tell that to the West Virginia lawmaker who yesterday proposed a bill to ban Barbie and other dolls like her.   

The latest Barbie basher to step forward, Democratic Delegate Jeff Eldridge, says Barbie and her similarly tarty doll friends influence girls to place too much importance on physical beauty as opposed to developing their intellect and emotional sides.

What I'd like to know is, does he have a problem with baby dolls too? Or is it only the skinny fashion dolls that he wants banned? Frankly, I'm not for shoving dolls in little girls' faces all the time. If I had a daughter, I'd much rather she spend time playing on a computer or participating in sports as opposed to playing dressup with her dolls.

But ban Barbie? That's not the American way. What do you think?