Skimpy Uniforms on Olympic Females

If you saw my column on about the body-baring uniforms some of the female athletes have been sporting during the Olympic games, then you know how I feel about the disparities between what sp,e women are wearing to compete in and what the men are.  As I mentioned in my piece, wedgies really shouldn't have a place in world-class athletics. This morning, I got an email from a male reader, Craig Grant, who disagreed and pointed out that, "personally I think these women choose these outfits, no one forces them to do anything or wear anything.  No more than anyone forced Amanda Beard to do Playboy."

A female reader named Denise sees things more my way. She sent me an email saying, "I wonder what would happen if the US women said "Oh hell no, I'm not dressing like a pole dancer." It's not like they could be dismissed. It's ridiculous that the swimmers male and female are the most covered up athletes. Some of the older athletes like Dara Torres and the volley ball players should step up and address the issue. Because it's not an issues of how they look, it's a respect and dignity factor for female athletes.

What do you think? Does the fact that the female volleyball players are required to compete in bikinis while the male volleyball players wear long shorts and baggy tops smack of blatant sexism to you? And what do you think about my tongue-in-cheek suggestion about making things more equitable by having the male volleyball players compete in tiny, little Speedos with USA across the backside?