First lady reveals what's behind her bangs


Stop the presses! Now, finally, we know why the first lady got bangs last month. Michelle Obama who turned 49 in January was having a midlife crisis.

Obama was asked about her much-commented upon new hair style during an interview with talk-show host Rachael Ray that airs Wednesday. The first lady jokingly responded,  "This is my midlife crisis."

The Associated Press reports that she added that she changed her hair because she couldn't get a new sports car (why not?) and wouldn't be allowed to bungee jump.

Makes sense to me. You look in the mirror, think of yourself getting older and what do you? You do something to roll back the proverbial clock. Her new bangs certainly make her look more youthful.

Thanks, Mrs. Obama, for clearing that up. Now, we can move on. Oh, and get that sports car.