all quiet on the Lito front

        It's Friday afternoon and Lito Sheppard is still an Eagle. Unofficially, the team is not expecting to make any announcements today. Friday evening trades are pretty rare, even on draft weekend. With the draft not starting this year until 3 p.m. Saturday, the Birds have plenty of time to pull the trigger tomorrow morning.

         What do I know today that I didn't know last night? Well, the B-52s WXPN "Free at Noon" show at the Electric Factory was pretty darned good. Didn't see Lito there, but Kate Pierson still rocks, at 55. Did you know you can Myspace Kate Pierson? How 'bout that?

          I see the Eagles are planting the media notion that they have all kinds of great offers for Lito. Could be, but it's one of those things that's awful hard to verify. I tend to be a skeptic, when the team is talking that way while it's trying to trade the guy. Same thing with agents touting their clients in free agency. ("You wouldn't believe the offers we've had!" And yet, you haven't taken any of 'em.) We'll see.

    One thing for sure: Lito is getting traded this weekend. I'll miss him. He's a big-time playmaker and an interesting guy to talk to. Sometimes little guys with big egos (which is what you need to be a top NFL corner) are tiresome and shrill, but not Lito. Funny and engaging.

       Hard to take his side in this contract dispute, though. I've said before that the Eagles outsmart themselves extending guys into infinity, assuring only that they'll be unhappy in three years. Still, Lito has a good agent and he knew exactly what he was doing when he took that $8.7 million signing bonus in 2004. And missing 14 games the past three seasons is a hard way to convince your employer to tear up your contract.