Yep, Birds Are Young, All Right

Several things on the docket today, as your Eagletarian wonders if he'd have run Broad Street faster Sunday with a cop chasing him, pointing a taser.

First, this New York Times blog takes an interesting approach to figuring out the youth of a team's roster, beyond just the average overall age or the average age of the starters. Its conclusions from 2009 are that the Eagles' offense was already the youngest in the NFL, even before replacing Donovan McNabb with Kevin Kolb and Brian Westbrook with LeSean McCoy. The Eagles were sixth-youngest overall, with the defense coming in right in the middle of the pack, at 16th. Of course, changes have been made there, too, that will make this unit younger in 2010 -- no more Jeremiah Trotter, Darren Howard or Sheldon Brown, all of whom were 30-plus.

Also, Bleeding Green Nation has a pretty good take on the Eagles' right cornerback situation, which could be the biggest question to be answered this spring and summer. As the blog notes, management is making Ellis Hobbs the leader going into the competition, but that's hardly written in stone, and Joselio Hanson  definitely thinks he should be in the mix. Jose, a valuable role player until last year's banned substance suspension, after which he seemed out of sync, probably will get his shot. Can't say I see him as a 16-game starter, but as a competitor, there's no doubt HE should see himself that way. I wouldn't be shocked to see Macho Harris work into the picture there, either.

Iggles Blog has an absolutely perfect juxtaposition, that doesn't need any elaboration from me. Hope they're ready for the anguished e-mail from "who me?" Florio.

Finaly, a rite of passage in the NFL in 2010: Eagles rookie linebacker Ricky Sapp has changed his Twitter account from @Sapp7, his Clemson number, to @Sapp94, the number he'll wear for the Birds.