The Eagles and Favre? Huh?

  While your Eagletarian tried to keep up with all the twists in the Brian Westbrook agent sweepstakes (the evening became morning without Westbrook hiring Todd France, despite all the reports he had done so), our poor brain was taxed by something that made even less sense.

   The following appeard on

   "While the Philadelphia Eagles are taking it easy with Donovan McNabb in training camp as he works his way back from a shoulder injury, that hasn't stopped them from going after some potential insurance. The Packers made a call to the Eagles Wednesday about potentially trading for retired quarterback Brett Favre, ESPN reports."

    OK. The Eagles are seeking insurance, because they answered the phone? But in fact, the item doesn't even say the Eagles answered the phone. The Eagles are seeking insurance because the Packers called them?

     Your guess is as good as ours. Probably better.

     To quote the late Margaret Hamilton, "What a world."Margaret Hamilton never blogged, or wrote nonsense about nonexistent trade talks.

       Meanwhile, it stands to reason the Packers would check with the Eagles, given the relationship between Andy Reid and Favre. But that doesn't mean Favre is coming. In fact, he absolutely is not coming.

     You heard it here first. 

      So why are we wasting your time writing this?

     Because every time some random bit of incoherent nonsense hits the internet, we are expected to spring into action.