Would Reid bring back McNabb?

Donovan McNabb remains a free agent, although three teams are said to have interest in him. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Would Andy Reid consider bringing Donovan McNabb back to Philadelphia?

 McNabb, who led the Eagles to five NFC title games, is currently examining his options, agent Fletch Smith recently told the Chicago Tribune. Three teams were said to have interest in McNabb. Smith would not say whether McNabb would consider a backup role or whether the QB was seriously considering retirement.

 Reid was asked this at the NFL meetings this morning in Florida.

 Question: Are you surprised by what happened after you traded Donovan McNab and would you consider bringing him back?

 Reid: "I’m surprised by the fact that he didn’t have the success (after) leaving (Philly). I wasn’t there. I’m not sure how that worked. I still felt when he left here that he had 2 or 3 years of great football (left in him). It didn’t work out that way for him. I haven’t entertained that last part of the question. I haven’t gone there. I think it’s tough for a guy that’s been the guy for that long to come back."

McNabb had one season in Washington after the trade and received a large contract extension that really wasn't much of an extension at all. He then spent part of last season with Minnesota, beginning the season as the starter but eventually getting released and going unclaimed and unsigned by another team.

In light of last week's report in the Los Angeles Times that Reid threatened to walk away if he did not gain more control of personnel issues, Reid was asked if he really has final say.

 "I’ve had that over the years. I’ve got the final say," he said. "But I will tell you we work as a team. We’ve always done that. One of our strengths is that we do that. We check our egos at the door. We work together. And we listen to each other. We have great respect for each other. And we come out with that final move and I kind of put the stamp on it.

The people I work with are phenomenal. That’s the way it’s been and will continue to be.

Specifically, as the report that he threatened to walk if he didn’t get more power," Reid said, "That’s not what was happening."


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