Word on Lito Should Come Saturday

   Last Lito update tonight: No trade will be announced until Saturday. The New Orleans Saints are involved in the bidding, a source close to the situation has confirmed to Eagletarian, but it might be premature to say New Orleans is Lito's likely destination.

    The New Orleans-area media has long speculated that a trade for Sheppard would make sense for the Saints, 30th in NFL pass defense last season. Saints coach Sean Payton used to work for the Cowboys and probably has a healthy regard for the corner who has picked off eight passes in his last eight starts against Dallas. But there are also rumors about the Saints trading for Jeremy Shockey, and those rumors involve the same 40th overall, second-round pick the Saints are supposed to be sending to the Birds for Lito.

      If they get another second-round pick in a deal for Lito, the  Birds could spend one of the second-rounders to move up in the first round, possibly as much as from 19th to ninth or 10th. Or they could trade both second-rounders for another first-round pick, probably in the low 20s. Or they could just draft three times in the first two rounds.