How the plays are called

There is not doubt that this is Andy Reid's offense, and his imprint is clear, as it has been from the outset.

However, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg's press conference yesterday included an interesting series of questions about the process the team uses and who makes the final decision on what play to call.

Here is a partial transcript:

On what he looks for when he goes back and evaluates the play calling: “If the players were in a good position to have success, or was it more of a fundamental, technique or assignment error. There are a couple of things, when a concept hasn’t worked or a time or two – maybe coaching a little bit better, play with a little bit more detail, you do some – because you have so much. Those are the decisions you make when you go back and self-scout yourself.”

On who comes up with the scheme: “Our whole staff is involved in that.”

On whether the final decision of what play is called is his: “Yeah.”

On whether head coach Andy Reid has certain plays he wants to call: “Not often. But yeah, he’s involved in everything with this football team.”

On whether things have operated the same way over the course of his career here: “Yeah, we’ve done it different, but we’ve done it different in different years.”

On when they shared the playcalling duties: “Back a couple of years ago. I’m not sure that was it. We shared it some several years back.”

On whether they stand next to each other during the game: “Usually not. It [happens very quickly], the decision making.”


When the Eagles signed Michael Vick, they talked about having another weapon that defenses need to prepare for. Vick has become something of a non-factor, but Chicago coach Lovie Smith indicated the Bears have spent some time on dealing with Vick.

''Michael hasn't been as big a factor in their offense for whatever reason, but he's still Michael Vick,'' Smith said, according to the Chicago Tribune. ''As far as our preparation goes, yes, we assume that he'll have a bigger part than he's had in the past, and we're getting ready for that.''


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