Where's the obsession, Philly fans?

Damien Kalpokas before an Eagles vs. Giants playoff game at the Meadowlands in January. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

This is an Eagles blog, but any Philadelphia sports fan should be offended by the conclusions reached by the folks at Men's Health on this one ...

In its July/August issue, the magazine ranked the sports obsession levels of fans in cities around the country.

Philly was listed as No. 84. Yes, No. 84 and earned a grade of D-.

As we mentioned this to folks around Eagletarian headquarters, each had the same quizzical look on his face and said, "Eighty-fourth? Eighty-fourth?"

Here is a sense of the criteria the magazine used: how many people attended baseball, basketball, and football games (college and pro), and attendance at high school events. NASCAR attendance was factored in as was numbers for TV and radio audiences, the Scarborough Sports Marketing figures on the number of people vying for tickets, sales of team gear and how many people identify themselves as fanatics.

Here are the six cities that earned A's:

1) Arlington, Texas  A+

2) Aurora, Colo.  A+

3) Colorado Springs, Colo.  A+

4) Indianapolis  A

5) Columbus, Ohio  A-

6) Jacksonville, Fla.  A-

Forth Worth and Dallas were next, giving Texas three of the top eight.

At least, Philly can say it is better than New York, which came in 88th and also with a D-.

Or Los Angeles at No. 91, another D-

Or Miami, the bottom of the list, at No. 100, with an F.

The magazine touted that the complete list would be on its Web site here. Although we could see how you might be distracted by the article titled, "What Erin Andrews wants in a man."

Good grief ...