Where are the Cardinals fans in Tampa?

Well, the folks in the Tampa area would not have had to worry about this problem had the Eagles reached the Super Bowl and Eagles Nation started to settle in ...

Apparently, you can't find any Arizona Cardinals fans at the site of the Super Bowl. A St. Petersburg Times reporter named Joey Knight spent time Sunday at the NFL Experience and found fans wearing jerseys of 14 other teams before he located someone wearing Cardinals garb

That probably speaks to how the Cardinals are not a national team, with fans everywhere. You can find fans of the Steelers, Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, Raiders just about anywhere.

Maybe there will be a big surge of Cardinals fans as the game gets a little closer. Or maybe there really are not that many Cardinals fans, although it sure was loud in there last weekend with the roof closed, and the excitement in Arizona seemed to be building even before they beat the Eagles.

And Cardinals defensive lineman Bertrand Berry said a couple hundred people showed up for his radio show this week. When he started the show a few years ago, the audience for its debut ... "Like six people," he told reporters.

By the way, the fans might be starting to stream into Tampa, but not the teams. Both teams are scheduled to arrive Monday in advance of the 5 p.m. deadline and then hold news conferences.