What's next in the Eagles' QB situation?

Donovan McNabb is nearing the end of his contract with the Eagles. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Some thoughts on the quarterback situation:

* Sometime in the next month or so, word is going to filter out that the Birds have approached either Fletcher Smith, agent for Donovan McNabb, or Jeff Nalley, agent for Kevin Kolb, about a contract extension beyond 2010.

And that ought to tell us who's likely to be the starting quarterback.

Of course, they could approach both agents, see what comes back, make the decision from there.

* This is a long shot, but it's worth throwing out ...

What if, after doing due diligence, the Eagles discover Kolb is more attractive as a trade commodity than McNabb?

Would they then look to pick up the option on Michael Vick and go with a McNabb-Vick tandem, along with a 2010 QB draftee, next season?

Reasons why I think it won't happen: 1. I think they really, really like Kolb, and 2. I don't think they are that sure of McNabb as No. 1 for years to come, which you'd have to be, to trade Kolb.

But stranger things have indeed happened.

* Everybody else has weighed in on the awkward Donovan McNabb air-guitar routine in the tunnel before the game in Dallas, so why not me?

I just wish DMac would worry less about what he thinks he needs to project - looseness, confidence, whatever - and more about just being himself, being comfortable in his own skin. If he ever cleared that hurdle, he might really be the guy that could win the Super Bowl.

Try answering a question as Donovan McNabb, instead of as the guy who is ever mindful of the burden he carries as a prominent black quarterback and franchise icon, etc., etc.

Also, someone should tell him the "lovable goofball" bit was more appropriate at 23 than at 33.