What's next for Donovan McNabb?

Christian Ponder will replace Donovan McNabb as the Vikings' starter against the Packers. (Charles Rex Arbogast/AP)

We haven't written about Donovan McNabb in a while. He is an available quarterback on the free agent market, should a team have interest.

“We’re just weighing our options right now,” agent Fletcher Smith told the Chicago Tribune. “No real set timetable to make a decision on what he is going to do this year. So he’s in a holding pattern at this point.”

Smith also tried to make the case that it is not a bad thing for McNabb to be out of the media spotlight for a while. McNabb's future was under intense scrutiny annually in his final years in Philadelphia before he was traded to Washington.

McNabb was the starter last season in Minnesota at the beginning of the year, but was released in late November and did not sign with another team.

Going back a couple of years, when Donovan was first traded (from the Eagles to the Redskins), there was quite a bit of interest in what was going to happen with him and there was excitement over the move to Washington," Smith said. "But some of that enthusiasm and excitement has sort of waned a little bit.

“It’s a good problem to have in his case, because it seemed like for many years every offseason, he was the lead story. So he can afford to lay out a little bit.”

Some other topics that Smith touched on:

* Would McNabb consider a backup role? “We really haven’t discussed that yet. Right now he’s weighing all of his options.”

* Would he consider retiring if he does not gete a reasonable offer? “Obviously, once his career is over, he has got a career in broadcasting. And that’s an option as well. I think right now we haven’t closed the door on anything. He’s keeping his options open. When he is ready to make a decision, everyone will know.”