What's McNabb worth? And Haynesworth?

Donovan McNabb could be pushed out of town for much less than the Redskins used to acquire him. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)

Interesting piece today from Jason Reid in the Washington Post about the seeming demise of the Redskins under Mike Shanahan and what might happen next.

The Philadelphia connections are obvious -- former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and potential future Eagles defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, at least according to some speculation.

On McNabb, Reid says the Redskins have done so much to devalue him that he might fetch only a sixth- or  conditional seventh-round draft pick. Teams also are expected to ask McNabb to rework his deal in order to make a trade happen, so Reid says the Redskins should do the best they can to send McNabb where he wants to go since he will need to cooperate at least to some degree. McNabb is due a $10 million option.

"McNabb probably would give back his $3.5 million signing bonus if the Redskins were willing to release him when the lockout ends, but Shanahan wants something more than money after squandering second- and fourth-round picks on McNabb. If the Redskins move McNabb a minute after a new collective bargaining agreement is formally implemented or wait until the day after their first regular season game — the option deadline — it would still be surprising if any team offered more than a sixth- or conditional seventh-round pick for him. Shanahan needs to let McNabb move on at any price."

As for Haynesworth, Reid describes his contract that included $41 million in guaranteed money as Daniel Snyder's biggest blunder , and that is saying a lot. The speculation about Haynesworth joining the Eagles is linked to his production with the Titans under Jim Washburn, now the Eagles' defensive line coach.

"The moment has arrived for the Redskins to acknowledge the mistake and put Haynesworth in the franchise’s past. Shanahan should take whatever he can get for him and focus on all the other problems that need fixing."