What to watch: Eagles-Jets

Michael Vick will see considerable playing time in the second half against the Jets. (Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer)

Les Bowen's Three Things to Watch in Eagles vs. Jets:

1. Michael Vick: He's likely to play considerably more this week, and in a more conventional quarterback role, giving fans (and coaches) a much better fix on exactly how much rust remains from that two-year absence from football.

2. Quintin Demps: The second-year safety is not thrilled that coaches feel he has not sealed the deal as Brian Dawkins' successor. Interesting guy. Takes responsibility for mistakes, seems to work hard, but says and does some really dumb things (watch out, Kurt Warner!).

3. Brandon Gibson: I think he's either on the team, as a guy who won't be active unless someone gets hurt, or he's on the practice squad, which is different only in that he'll make less money and another team could sign him onto their roster. This game could make a difference in which scenario prevails. The plucky sixth-round rookie WR has made a lot of fans among people who actually pay close attention to preseason games. He's this year's Joe Mays.