What the Eagles need

In today's Daily News, we look at what each team needs heading into this weekend's draft ...

Looking at the Eagles, the main priority is running back, where most mock drafts have the Eagles selecting Georgia's Knowshon Moreno in the first round. Here is a look at Moreno from Les Bowen.

Here is our take on the Birds, with the scale:

5: call 9-1-1.
4: needs to be upgraded ASAP.
3: depth issue
2: estate planning.
1: count your blessings.

Running back: 4
Wide receiver: 3
Tight end: 3
Offensive tackle: 3
Guard/center: 3
Defensive end: 3
Defensive tackle: 3
Linebacker: 1
Cornerback: 3
Safety: 3
Kicker: 3
Punter: 2

What do you think? ...


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