What Donovan Said, What Donovan Meant

If you read the transcript from Donovan McNabb's news conference earlier on this blog, you might've gotten the impression that Donovan McNabb expressed displeasure with the Eagles' offseason moves. Asked about the changes, he said, ``It wasn't to my liking.'' Nothing he said after that seemed to support that first comment, but that's often the case with McNabb, who frequently doesn't say what he means.

   After the Eagles' afternoon minicamp practice, Bob Lange of the Eagles' public relations department, asked McNabb to clarify his comment. The quarterback said he was simply reacting to the way the question was phrased, which he said was, ``Are the offseason changes to your liking?'' He said he responded, ``It wasn't (about) my liking (the changes). It's about the team.''

   That's not what I have on my tape. But the bottom line is, McNabb was not expressing disatisfaction with the Eagles' offseason moves. He just didn't express himself very well.

  In other news:

   Cornerback Sheldon Brown thinks a three-man cornerback rotation with he and Asante Samuel and Lito Sheppard can work just fine, at least for this season.

   ``I think it'll be great,'' he said. ``Having two Pro Bowlers.(We've) put in some new schemes. If we can make it run and make it work, it'll be a very productive year.''

   Brown said he has no problem moving inside to the slot when all three of them are on the field. He did the same thing when Rod Hood was with the Eagles. Hood was the Eagles' nickel back. But when he would come into the game, Brown would slide over into the slot.

   Brown pointed out that opposing offenses go with more than 2 wide receivers at least 65 percent of the time.

   Since I've been here, we've kept three (corners) on the field most of the time,'' he said.

   ``To be honest with you, I love it. Because I get to move into the slot. I get to rush the quarterback (from the slot). I get to do all that stuff. I hate it outside. It's boring out there.''