What Andy Said, Meant

On the severity of Brian Westbrook’s ankle injury:
What he said:
``He was on crutches yesterday and is limping around today without the crutches. I guess that’s a positive. It’ll be a race to get him ready for Sunday.’’
What he meant: ``Best I can tell you is he’ll probably be back before the Fumo trial is over.’’

On whether the Eagles will blitz as much Sunday as they did against the Steelers:
What he said: ``We’ll do what we need to do and what we feel is right for each team. We’ll see what this team presents and what we can do there.’’
What he meant: ``We’re playing against Kyle frickin’ Orton. What do you think, genius?’’

On whether the media criticism Brian Dawkins received last week motivated him against the Steelers?
What he said:
``Whatever people say about him, they can’t say he’s not motivated to play. He plays all out every play.’’
What he meant: ``We gave game balls to Hofmann and Domowitch for that is-he-over-the-hill stuff they wrote about Dawk last week. I’ve asked them to do the same this week with L.J. Smith and Reggie Brown.’’

On whether you’ll be as conservative offensively against the Bears as you were against the Steelers if Westbrook can’t play:
What he said:
``There was a point there where we had quite a few guys down. I looked up and half the offense was out. We had to pull back. This week, I’ll gameplan for it. I didn’t gameplan for it Sunday.’’
What he meant: ``I’m giving some serious thought to punting a lot on third down if Brian can’t play.’’

On what his expectactions were for punter Sav Rocca when he signed him last year:
What he said:
``I figured if we could have him hang around a while, before he got too old, he would figure it out. It all came together toward the end of last year.’’
What he meant: ``I didn’t really care how well he punted. I just wanted a guy on the team who sounded like Crocodile Dundee.’’

On playing against the Bears’ offense:
What he said:
``It’s going to be a situation where we’ve got to take care of the run and the pass. You can’t slight one or the other or it’s going to get you.’’
What he meant: ``Blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.’’

On wide receiver Hank Baskett, who has 12 receptions and is averaging 16.4 yards per catch:
What he said:
``Donovan trusts Hank. If the ball is around him, he knows he’s going to catch it. He’s going to continue to play. If they overload one side, he’s going to catch a lot of balls. There were opportunities in his direction yesterday.’’
What he meant: ``Thank God for DeSean Jackson.’’