What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post Giants III)

Eagles head coach Andy Reid speaks to the media during his usual day-after press conference on Monday. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

On the impressive play of Donovan McNabb:

What Andy said: "He’s getting better and better with age here. He’s really doing a nice job. He’s upped his game. You don’t normally see that this late in a player’s career."

What Andy meant: "Two Donovan old-age references in one answer. Not bad, huh, Joe?"

On how you keep your team from being overconfident against a team they beat by 28 points a month-and-a-half ago:

What Andy said: ``The best thing is to look at the team and the way they’re playing. To be honest with you, I didn’t think we got their best shot when they were here. They were coming off a tough game. It was Thanksgiving Day. This will be a different football team that we will see out there.’’

What Andy meant: ``Hey, we tied Cincinnati and lost to the Redskins twice. The word overconfident isn’t in our vocabulary.’’

On what he remembers about Kurt Warner when he was a rookie free agent with the Packers:

What Andy said: ``When he was a rookie, he was afraid to get in there and call the play. What a great job he’s done of turning into this phenomenal quarterback.’’

What Andy meant: ``He’s a wuss. A couple of shots from Trent Cole and he’ll be crying for his mommy.’’

On the fact that the pass-happy Cardinals are averaging 35 rushing attempt a game in the postseason:

What Andy said: ``They’re utilizing the run a little bit more. Edgerrin (James), they’re banking on him more than they did before. You’re talking about one of the greats to play the running back position. He’s running hard and seeing things. And the offensive line is doing a nice job for him.’’

What Andy meant: ``Let me see. Do I want them to hand the ball that old fart of a running back or do I want them to throw the ball a lot to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. Tough call.’’

On what he can do to get better production from the rushing attack, which is averaging just 3.1 yards per carry the last 4 games:

What Andy said: ``I don’t want to get into the details, but. . . we’ve got to be more efficient. And we can do a better job schematically from a coaching standpoint:

What Andy meant: ``Brad Childress is lending me Adrian Peterson for this game. We’re going to pretend he’s Lorenzo Booker. Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody.’’

On his level of concern for injured Brian Westbrook, who had just 46 yards from scrimmage Sunday:

What Andy said: ``To their credit, they put an extra guy up in the box. Clearly, they wanted to take Westbrook out of the game. It opened things up for other players. That’s the nice thing about our offense. You have to make the adjustments and utilize what the other team is going to present to you.’’

What Andy meant: ``To be honest, if Brian Westbrook raced Jim Johnson right now, Jim would be a 3-to-2 favorite.’’

On what he thought of the 15-yard penalty McNabb got for picking up a telephone on the Giants’ sideline after getting pushed out of bounds late in the fourth quarter following an eight-yard run:

What Andy said: "It was creative."

What Andy meant: "I think he was calling his agent to tell him his price had just gone up."