What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Vikings)

Andy Reid thanked the many Eagles fans who traveled to Minnesota for their vocal support. (Sarah J. Glover/Staff Photographer)

On the Eagles fans who traveled to Minnesota for Sunday’s game:
What Andy said:
``I’d like to thank them for the support they showed. They were outnumbered a little bit, but they fought as hard as our football team did.’’
What Andy meant: ``I hear we kicked some major Viking ass Saturday night at a few of the downtown Minneapolis watering holes. Way to go, boys. Joe Banner is wiring the bail money as we speak.’’

On wide receiver Greg Lewis’ foot injury:
What Andy said:
``Greg hurt it before the game. He stepped on Lito Sheppard’s foot in warmups and tweaked his foot. It’s not a lis franc. He should be OK. We’re calling it a foot strain.’’
What Andy meant: ``I can’t prove it, but I’m positive Drew Rosenhaus was behind this.’’

On the bye-week advantage for the Giants:
What Andy said:
``One advantage of having time off is you give guys an opportunity to rest, particularly the injured guys. Old trends show that that mattered. The new trends show that that doesn’t matter.’’
What Andy meant: ``Rest? Rest? We don’t need no stinkin’ rest. A couple dozen cases of Red Bull and we’ll be as good as new.’’

On sticking with the run against the Vikings:
What Andy said:
``I can’t even believe you asked that question, but I kind of feel good that you did. We tried to keep it as balanced as we could so I wouldn’t have to answer that question.’’
What Andy meant: See above.

On whether he is surprised by the play of rookie wide receiver/punt returner DeSean Jackson:
What Andy said:
``I’m not surprised by it because of what he did at the college level. I know most people looked at him when he got here as a return specialist. But he was a heckuva wide receiver at the college level. I think his size got in the way of maybe what people saw him as.’’
What Andy meant: ``Hey, I’m the guy who drafted Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Na Brown, Gari Scott and Billy McMullen. Surprised? Damn right I’m surprised.’’

On the Giants:
What Andy said:
``I think they’ll be as good as ever this weekend. I would expect a knock-down-drag-out NFC East brawl. We’ll be ready and they’ll be ready.’’
What Andy meant: ``If somebody were to sneak into the Giants’ locker room this week and knee-cap Brandon Jacobs, I wouldn’t be heartbroken.’’