What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Ravens)

On whether the short week between games played into his decision to start McNabb against Arizona:
What Andy said:
What Andy meant: ``Yes.’’

On why he thinks McNabb will snap out of the five-game funk he’s been in:
What Andy said:
``I think I know Donovan probably better than anybody in this room. And I know 6 turnovers, that’s not Donovan McNabb. That’s not him. That’s not his game. That’s no part of his game. You back up an inch and evaluate it and you should be able to step forward a mile after that.’’
What Andy meant: ``I told him that if he doesn’t start playing better, I’m trading him to Detroit.’’

On why he had quarterbacks coach Pat Shurmur tell McNabb at halftime he was being benched instead of telling him himself:
What Andy said:
``That’s how we do it. The coach coaches that player and he tells him and I address it afterwards. That’s how it goes.’’
What Andy meant: ``I was gonna tell him. Honest. But I had to pee like a racehorse and those halftimes are only 14 minutes and I had a weak stream. Forgot to take my Flomax yesterday.’’

On whether he feels he needs to start McNabb to avoid losing the veterans:
What Andy said: ``
That’s not how I feel at all.’’
What Andy meant: ``Nah. I lost them after the Cincinnati game. Besides, if I polled the locker room to see who they want the starting quarterback to be, it would be 51-1-1 in favor of Kolb, with McNabb voting for himself and L.J. Smith voting for Mike McMahon.’’

On whether he’s concerned about the rough treatment McNabb may get from the home crowd at the Linc Thursday night:
What Andy said:
``You can’t worry about all that. You take care of what you can control and block everything else out.’’
What Andy meant: ``Not really. No batteries bigger than size AAA will be allowed in the stadium Thursday. No turkey drumsticks, either. And I told Joe to make sure they introduce the defense before the game.’’

On the status of guard Shawn Andrews:
What Andy said:
``Shawn’s still not back here (from California). We’ll see if he gets back later this week.’’
What Andy meant: ``Turns out Shawn spent a lot of his recovery time in California at one of those In ‘N Out Burger joints. Apparently more in than out from what I’m told. Packed on about 70 pounds, and he wasn’t exactly Mr. Svelte to begin with. So we’re having him walk back from the West Coast. Hopefully, he should be here for the start of offseason workouts in mid-March.