What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Falcons)

On the offense’s continued short-yardage and goal line problems:
What Andy said:
``There are some things we’ve got to get better at. I don’t think we need to (say what they are) publicly. But there are some things that are being done and we’ve got a couple of them done over a couple of times. So we’ve got to make sure we straighten that out and get it right.’’
What he meant: ``McDonalds has some really great stuff on their 99-cent value meal, don’t they?

On center Jamaal Jackson suggesting that the Falcons knew the Eagles were going to run a quarterback sneak on that third-and-goal play from the one in the fourth quarter because the Eagles didn’t even bother to huddle up:
What Andy said:
``It’s important to make the right call. And it’s important to execute that call. We all have a little piece of that.’’
What he meant: ``If I had gotten my butt kicked on that play like he did, I guess I’d trot out the they-knew-what-we-were-going-to-run excuse too.’’

On becoming the 37th head coach in NFL history to notch 100 victories:
What Andy said:
``I happened to see that list. It’s an impressive list. I’m honored to be with that group.’’
What he meant: ``Now Bill Parcells and I have one more thing in common besides a fondness for Cheese Doodles.’’

On the Phils being on the brink of winning their first World Series in 28 years:
What Andy said:
``I’m going to be pulling hard for the Phillies, baby, and for Charlie (Manuel). They’re going to win. And the city will love every minute of it. It’ll be great for the city.’’
What he meant: ``Hey, would one of you guys mind going upstairs and talking Joe and Jeff off that ledge.’’

On how Lito Sheppard has dealt with his new role as the Eagles’ third cornerback:
What Andy said:
``Lito has handled this whole thing the right way. He’s been very professional about it. He’s been very team-oriented about it out there, and he’s played very hard.’’
What he meant: ``Since Tammy bought me that Drew Rosenhaus voodoo doll, we haven’t had any problems with Lito.’’