What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-Cowboys II)

On the Cowboys’ collapse Sunday:
What Andy said: ``Sometimes things snowball on you in the National Football League. That’s what happened with Dallas. They’re not as bad as the score showed, obviously.’’
What Andy meant: ``Thank God for Wade Phillips. As long as that guy continues to have a job, I won’t have to worry about people calling me the worst coach in the league.’’

On whether he would like to thumb his nose at all of his critics now that the Eagles have made the playoffs:
What Andy said: ``Not at all. Hey, we’re all trying to make a living. We’re blessed to be here in Philadelphia with a great fan base that is knowledgable about the game. In a lot of cities, it’s game-to-game. In Philadelphia, it’s play-to-play. You’ve got to love that.’’
What Andy meant: ``Huh. I guess none of you noticed Tammy giving you the finger in the back of the room at my post-game news conference.’’

On the fact that his team has struggled on the road this season, winning just 3 of 8 games:
What Andy said: ``We’ve always done well on the road here. But this year it’s been a little bit of a struggle. It’s important we focus in during the week and eliminate any distractions, which there can be at playoff time.’’
What Andy meant: ``I’m thinking about taking the guys ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka Saturday for some pre-game bonding. Temperature is supposed to be in the single digits. Maybe pick up some cheeseburgers on the way back. That should get us in the right frame of mind.’’

On former Eagles running back Ryan Moats who had a TD run in the Texans’ 31-24 win over Chicago, which helped open the playoff door for the Eagles:
What Andy said: ``Ryan was one of my favorite guys. He’s a great kid. He was even greater yesterday.’’
What Andy meant: ``Can you believe he made it all the way to the end zone without fumbling? Freaking amazing.’’

On tight end L.J. Smith being inactive Sunday with a shoulder injury:
What Andy said: ``L.J. is getting better. But he’s not there yet.’’
What Andy meant: ``We sent him to see that doctor in California that held Shawn Andrews captive for seven weeks earlier this season. He’s due back the day after the Super Bowl.’’

On the fact that his two former assistants, Brad Childress and John Harbaugh, run the ball a lot more than the Eagles now that they’re head coaches:
What Andy said: ``That’s what they’ve chosen to do. That’s their wrinkle to this thing.’’
What Andy meant: ``Idiots. What the hell do they know?’’

On the fact that the Eagles didn’t implode this season like the Cowboys:
What Andy said: ``Obviously, there have been times when guys could’ve taken a negative approach to things and started getting after each other or after coaches. But that hasn’t happened. And I think that’s directly related to the guys we do have in the locker room.’’
What Andy meant: ``Well, I’m pretty sure that Donovan was behind that bag of dog poop that was left on my desk after the Baltimore game. And Lito’s been giving Jim Johnson the stink-eye the last few weeks. But other than that, there have been no incidents.’’