What Andy Said, What Andy Meant (post-49ers)

On the Cowboys and Redskins both losing Sunday:
What Andy said: ``
There’s so much parity in this league. There are people who get paid to predict games, not in this building, but in the media and some other professions. I’ll tell you that’s a tough job these days, because on any given Sunday, man, anybody can get anybody.’’
What he meant: ``I had mixed feelings on the Redskins loss. We gained a game on them, but like an idiot, I took them in the front-office suicide pool. How the hell do you lose to the frickin’ Rams?’’

On the challenge of figuring out which wide receivers he’s going to dress after the bye now that everyone’s almost healthy:
What Andy said:
``Yeah, you can’t dress them all. I’ll sit down here this week and get that figured out.’’
What he meant: ``Well, considering that we’re getting bubkis from our tight ends, I’m thinking of eliminating that position altogether and dressing all six of our wideouts.’’

On Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s broken pinkie, which is expected to sideline him for four weeks:
What Andy said:
``My feeling is, when we play a team, I want them 100 percent and ready to roll. I don’t want any excuses after you get after them.’’
What he meant: ``Damn. Why couldn’t we be playing them now instead of in December? Our corners would kill for a chance to intercept some of those wounded ducks Brad Johnson’s going to be throwing up.’’

On whether he will be reluctant to have David Akers attempt any long field goals for the remainder of the season:
What Andy said:
``I think it depends on the wind and that condition. David will work through this. I sure thought he hit the ball well on the one that was blocked. I thought he drilled it.’’
What Andy meant: ``You should see the big welt that kick left on (49ers defensive lineman) Ray McDonald’s hand. That one would’ve been good from 70 if he hadn’t gotten in the way.’’

On how far defensive end Juqua Parker has come in the four years since the Eagles signed him:
What Andy said:
``Really, the guy that kind of led us to Juqua was Jevon (Kearse). He and Jevon were friends. Tom (Heckert) was interested in Juqua and we asked Jevon about a couple of things that were question marks (about Parker). Jevon told us he thought he would be a good fit here. So we brought him in and just kind of gave him basically a tryout, and it worked out for him.’’
What he meant: ``Next time you write about what a bust Jevon Kearse was, be sure to mention his valuable contribution to the team as a scout.’’

On whether the Eagles might make a trade by the Tuesday trade deadline:
What Andy said:
``We’ll see. Tom and I are going through all that. Number one, I can’t get into anything. And two, I’m not going to do that. But we are keeping our eyes open on some things, and we’ll see how it works out.’’
What he meant: ``It’s the bye week and I’m going bass fishing. The hell with the trade deadline.’’