What Andy Reid Said, What Andy Reid Meant

Andy Reid talks with Brian Westbrook during the Eagles' 38-3 win over the Rams Sunday. Reid held his day-after press conference this afternoon. (David Maialetti / Daily News)

On measuring the significance of a victory over a team as seemingly inept as the Rams:
What he said: ``I think the Rams have some talent and they have good coaches. I don’t think they’re near as bad as what that score showed.’’
What he meant: ``Man, that was like shooting fish in a barrel. Jeff Lurie’s been in contact with the league office and is trying to get us an immediate transfer to the NFC West.’’

On the status of injured wide receiver Reggie Brown:
What he said:
``He feels pretty good today. He’s going to continue to rehab and we’ll see how he is once we resume practice on Thursday.’’
What he meant: ``After he watches the tape of DeSean Jackson’s performance a couple of more times, he should be as good as new.’’

On whether he’s concerned at all about Jackson getting a big head:
What he said:
``DeSean’s all right. He’s been a star at every level he’s been at. He’s playing well right now. Does he have a lot of room to improve? Absolutely. But he’s playing well and he’s confident and we don’t want him any other way than that.’’
What he meant: ``Well, he hasn’t said anything about changing his name to DeSean Diez (Spanish for 10) yet, so that’s good. Even as we speak, Joe Banner is whipping up one of those super-duper below-market-value 20-year contract extensions for him to sign. Keep your fingers crossed.’’

On whether you called the plays Sunday:
What he said: ``We mix that up. Marty and I talk the whole game. He takes some and I take some.’’
What he meant: ``I called the plays that worked and Marty called the ones that didn’t. That 47-yard pass to DeSean on our first possession? Mine. That 90-yard touchdown pass to Hank Baskett in the second quarter? Mine. Those three straight three-and-out series after we went up 14-0? Marty.’’

On whether he wishes it had worked out here with Terrell Owens:
What he said: ``I’m not going to get into that. He’s doing great right now. He’s happy and he’s playing good football. That’s alright.’’
What he meant: ``Another season with that guy and I would’ve needed a quadruple bypass.’’

On the Patriots losing Tom Brady to a season-ending knee injury:
What he said: ``We went through that with Don. It’s not an easy thing for the team or the players.’’
What he meant: ``Let’s see how great a coach Belichick is now that he’s lost both his All-Pro quarterback and his frickin’ video camera.’’