Reid on Westbrook's concussion

Eagles' Brian Westbrook suffered his second concussion in four games earlier today against the Chargers. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Brian Westbrook ended the 31-23 loss to San Diego on the sideline with another concussion.

Westbrook had missed the last two games after suffering a concussion against Washington. Against the Chargers, he had six carries for 28 yards and caught two passes for 26 yards. His last carry came on the opening drive of the second half.

Coach Andy Reid said Westbrook "took a heck of a hit," leading to the concussion.

“We’ll just see how Brian does here," he said. "That’s a concern of everybody, us included and Brian.”

As for Westbrook's status, Reid said, "It’s too soon ... We’ll make sure we evaluate it, and take every step that we can to make sure that he’s OK. We did that the last time. We’re going to keep doing it ... I feel bad for Brian, something our docs are going to look at it and be on top of as soon as we get back."

He later said, "We’re going to do everything the right way, and take every precautionary measure to make sure Brian’s OK. In these types of situations, football is secondary. You have to look out for this kid for his future and make sure he is OK before he gets back out there.”


As for the game, Reid best summed up the game this way: “We just came up stinking short.”

Other thoughts from Reid: “You can’t get in the red zone three times early and not be able to punch it in. That hurt us in the end. We had three opportunities early to do that.”

On the play selection: "We thought the things that we called were going to be effective. They worked in the second part, not in the first part. We did what we thought was best and came up short three times.”

On the Eagles cutting the lead and then seeing the Chargers score again: “We had the momentum swing in our direction and then we weren’t able to get off the field.”

On the comeback falling short: "We’re in a position to win the game when we were down by that much, that kind of rips your heart out. At the same time, the guys battled and put us back in the position to win that football game.”

“Our heart is broken, but they also have something they can take from this. There is some good things they can take out of it and some things these guys can learn from it. We will do that and then get better from it."