Ailing Westbrook quarantined

Brian Westbrook is keeping to himself, but that has nothing to do with his contract discussions with the Eagles.

Westbrook missed Friday's practice with what the team described as a viral infection. He missed today's session as well, and coach Andy Reid said Westbrook is suffering from flu symptoms.

"We’ve tried to quarantine him a little bit up there where he’s not around the other players," Reid said. "He’s got strep throat along with it, and he’s not feeling very good. Both are highly contagious things, so we’ve put him in a separate room and just kind of kept him away from everything.”

In other injury news, Reid said cornerback Asante Samuel remains day-to-day with a hamstring strain, although his condition is improving.

“I want to get him back in, but I want to make sure he’s healthy at the same time," Reid said. "I’m anxious to get him back in there and going. Could it be the next couple of days? Possibly. We’ll just have to see how this rehab goes and how he’s doing.”

Tight end L.J. Smith was back for the afternoon 10-10-10 practice. "It was good to get him back out there," Reid said. "He’s had a calf strain and it looks like it’s healed up. He had an MRI and the MRI showed that it looked like it was healed up and ready to go. He came out and did a nice job. Again, I look forward to seeing him with the pads on [Sunday].”

And for those of you heading out to Lehigh on Sunday, it will no longer be a day off for the 30-Plus Club players, because the entire team had the morning off following a water main break. "I thought it was good that they could all feel like they were 30-plus today,” Reid said.