Westbrook continues progress

Running back Brian Westbrook worked out on the opposite field during the latter part of the afternoon practice.

He took some pitches and ran over and around obstacles, cutting well on his recovering knee and ankle.

After the team finished practice, he ran a bunch of 40-yard sprints with head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder.


A compilation of hits and a few missed from the day at Eagles training camp:

* Reggie Brown played with the first team offense in place of DeSean Jackson, who sat out the morning session. On the first play of No. 1 offense vs. No. 1 defense, Sheldon Brown stepped in front of Reggie Brown to knock down a McNabb slant throw. Soon after, McNabb beat a blitz with a nice slant throw to Kevin Curtis.

* Leonard Weaver lamented aloud how he was “wide open” on a play and wasn’t seen. Linebacker Omar Gaither, the nearest defender to Weaver, quipped: “If he didn’t throw it to you, how is it you were open?”

* Linebacker Joe Mays stood up Lorenzo Booker and Kyle Eckel on consecutive one-on-one blocking drills.

* Booker got a nice hand from the sparse crowd after he got up and under the pads of Quinten Demps and held him at bay during the same drill.

* Offensive line coach Juan Castillo gave a “high ten” to rookie LeSean McCoy for picking up a blitz.

* Jeremy Maclin made a diving catch along the left sideline in front of the bleachers, then landed in a huge pool of water. He received a huge ovation, and a soaked uniform, for his efforts.

* David Akers made, in succession, field goals from 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55 yards in live drills. He nailed a 60-yarder on Saturday.

* Scrap of the day featured offensive lineman King Dunlap and defensive lineman Jason Babin. Both threw haymakers, but nothing seemed to land. Broderick Bunkley lightened the mood by jumping on the pile, similar to the Phillies celebration on the mound after winning the World Series.

* On successive plays in the afternoon, A.J. Feeley was picked by Joselio Hanson at midfield then had a sure pick dropped by Asante Samuel during goal line drills.


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