Westbrook: I'm here

Disgruntled Eagles running back Brian Westbrook reported to Lehigh for training camp today despite being dissatisfied with his contract. (Getty Images/file photo)

Brian Westbrook arrived at Eagles training camp at Lehigh tonight, in time for the 7 p.m. mandatory team meeting.

Westbrook, who is seeking a new contract, said he considered not reporting, but decided to because he wanted his new agent, Todd France, and the Eagles to have a chance to talk about a new contract. He did not commit to starting the season.

Asked if he was at camp happily or reluctantly, he replied: “I’m here.”

Missing camp would have cost Westbrook a fine of $15,000 a day plus a prorated portion of his signing bonus.

He is under contract through 2010, in Year 3 of the 5-year, $25 million extension he signed in 2005. Eagles management agrees an adjustment is in order, but says Westbrook wanted the deal restructured rather than extended again, which limits the amount of money the team can guarantee, under NFL rules.

Earlier in the day, an NFL Players Association spokesman confirmed to Eagletarian that France had officially become Westbrook's representative.

Cornerback Lito Sheppard also reported on time.