Westbrook Here for Now, Says Talks Pending

Despite questions about his contract, Brian Westbrook showed up to Eagles training camp this afternoon. (Matt Rourke/AP)

     "There definitely was" a possibility he would not show up for Eagles training camp tonight, Brian Westbrook said as he prepared to check into the Lehigh dorms, a little before 6 p.m "I wanted to give my agent -- of course, I hired a new agent -- an opportunity to talk with (Eagles president) Joe (Banner), see if we can get something done."

     Westb rook said his new agent, Todd France, didn't talk to Banner today but spoke with VP of personnel Howie Roseman "a couple of times."

   Westbrook wouldn't characterize the ta;lks.

    "They're just talking now. Hopefully, they'll get it done soon," he said. Westbrook said he is not asking for $30 million guaranteed, though he threw out that figure in a recent Inquirer interview, and other agents involved in the process indicated that was the general level discussed.

    "I've heard so many things," Westbrook said. "I've interviewed a few agents. I think the agents I did not hire have put out a lot of vicious rumors; they're trying to ruin my credibility."

      . Westbrook said he used $30 million to make a point that previous deals establish a benchmark, such as the $21 million guarantee LaDainian Tomlinson got four years ago, and that years later, those benchmarks generally are eclipsed.

   "I didn't mention that as a figure I was necessarily looking for," he said. "It was as an example ... an extreme example, of how contracts work over the years."

       Westbrook said France "is aggressive, he's a guy who's going to work hard for you."

       Asked if coming to camp means he is committed to staying in camp, Westbrook said: "I'm here now, hopefully for good. It remains to be seen; I can't foresee the future. Hopefully, things go well and we get a deal done."

   Aske if he was in camp happily or reluctantly, Westbrook said: "I'm here. Whether I'm reluctant, I'm still here. I'm coming here to be here with my teammates, to compete for a job, and do everything I can to help this team win."

       Disgruntled corner Lito Sheppard also.reported on time, though Sheppard had not spoken to reporters when this was posted. The only no-show was right guard Shawn Andrews, who spoke to Eagles coach Andy Reid at least a few times yesterday about a personal matter that agent Rich Moran said kept Andrews from showing up on time. Reid confirmed that account, but did not excuse Andrews' absence. You can scroll down to previous posts to read more about that matter.