Westbrook: Expectations on McNabb are too high

Eagles running back Brian Westbrook mentioned in an ESPN2 interview that he thinks Donovan McNabb deserves a new contract. (Click here for The Idle Rich's take on that issue.)

But the more interesting Westbrook comments about his quarterback might have come during an ESPN Radio segment with Colin Cowherd.

Westbrook said he thinks sometimes the expectations on McNabb are "just a little bit high" and he recognizes the questions fans sometimes have about McNabb's demeanor and the way he leads the Eagles.

“I think sometimes people want him to be someone else and he has just done a great job of leading this team," Westbrook said. "It’s not easy to win Super Bowls every year. It’s not easy to get to the playoffs every single year. Sometimes people’s expectations are just a little bit high.”

As for his view on his quarterback: “He’s been a leader and he’s been a great quarterback, a Pro Bowl quarterback. He’s been a great guy as well as a great player. To me, as a player, he’s lived up to all expectations that I could possibly have of him.”

Westbrook also was asked about the other issue that has emerged regarding the Eagles: Cincinnati wide receiver Chad Johnson.

“I feel really strong about it because Chad has done so many good things in Cincinnati," Westbrook said. "It will be a great addition for us if we can add him.”


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