Week 2 NFL rankings; plan to stop Vick

Here are Paul Domowitch's NFL rankings heading into Week 2, including record and ranking from last week listed in parentheses:

1. Packers 1-0 (1)
2. Saints 1-0 (4)
3. Texans 1-0 (5)
4. Ravens 1-0 (9)
5. Colts 0-1 (3)
6. Patriots 1-0 (10)
7. Bengals 0-1 (2)
8. Vikings 0-1 (6)
9. Titans 1-0 (17)
10. Giants 1-0 (16)
11. Dolphins 1-0 (12)
12. Cowboys 0-1 (8)
13. Steelers 1-0 (18)
14. Eagles 0-1 (13)
15. Cardinals 1-0 (20)
16. Jets 0-1 (11)
17. Chargers 0-1 (7)
18. Falcons 0-1 (15)
19. Bears 1-0 (21)
20. Redskins 1-0 (27)
21. 49ers 0-1 (14)
22. Chiefs 1-0 (28)
23. Lions 0-1 (25)
24. Jaguars 1-0 (29)
25. Seahawks 1-0 (32)
26. Bucs 1-0 (30)
27. Browns 0-1 (23)
28. Bills 0-1 (22)
29. Broncos 0-1 (26)
30. Panthers 0-1 (24)
31. Raiders 0-1 (19)
32. Rams 0-1 (31)


The Lions sold the final 2,000 tickets in advance of yesterday's 1 p.m. deadline meaning Sunday's game is sold out and will be shown on television in the Detroit area.

Asked about how some fans might still be upset about the controversial ending to the loss to Chicago, coach Jim Schwartz told reporters, "There will some that are angry, that will want to vent their frustrations. Let's take it out on the Philadelphia Eagles."


Interesting read from former NFL player Matt Bowen on the National Football Post on they keys for the Lions' defensive game plan against Michael Vick.

"If Vick breaks contain, pursue to the football, make a tackle before the sticks and get off of the field. Make him beat you throwing the ball down the field by taking away his ability to create explosive plays in the run game.

"Confuse the quarterback. It happens in every defensive game plan, but we are talking about a player who has very limited reps in this offense in regular season game situations. Try to bait Vick into making poor decisions with the football."


Some intersting numbers in a Green Bay Press Gazette story this morning about how the Packers lined up defensively against the Eagles.

"On those 44 pass calls, defensive coordinator Dom Capers never rushed six players and sent five only eight times, or 18.2 percent of those snaps. He rushed three players seven times, and four on the 29 others.

Some of that reflects a specific game plan, which can change significantly from week to week, and some reflects the change when Vick came into the game. Vick’s halfback-type running ability when he breaks the pocket makes it more risky to send extra rushers and get gashed for a big run, so Capers probably dialed down when Vick became the full-time quarterback in the second half."

The story also talks about how Clay Matthews moved around the formation for the Packers' defense, including spending much of the second half at right end, matched up with Jason Peters.

"Capers dropped Matthews into coverage on six of the Eagles’ 44 pass plays (34 passes, five sacks and five scrambles), rushed him on 27 and spied him on the one. The main reasons for moving Matthews around is to be unpredictable and find favorable matchups. He spent most of the fourth quarter at right end, so Capers obviously liked him against Eagles left tackle Jason Peters."

Peters was flagged twice against the Packers, continuing the spate of penalties that has plagued him since he came to the Eagles last season in a trade with Buffalo.

"Jason’s the last guy who wants to have those penalties," coach Andy Reid said yesterday. "But he also understands that he’s probably going against their best defensive lineman, normally. I mean, your left tackle normally ends up with that guy, so he wants to make sure he gets off quick and so on. But, he’ll work through that and get that taken care of. He’s very aware of it and one thing I know about great athletes is they’re able to correct those types of things.”