Weaver apologizes for 'slaves' remark

After watching the tape of an interview he did with Comcast SportsNet, Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver has apologized for comments in which he said owners treated players "like slaves."

Weaver's comments echoed those made by Vikings running back Adrian Peterson.

“We as players want to make a statement that you know what, we love playing for you all, we love your owners, you know? We love you guys very much, but at the same time we need to see some equal opportunity here and stop treating us basically like Adrian Peterson said, like slaves,” Weaver said Tuesday night.

After initially defending his remarks in a stream of tweets early this morning, Weaver's tone changed after he said he saw the video.

"Hey everyone I'm here in therapy an I have seen the recording of the interview.  And I will have to say that I'm very disappointed in the whole interview an the comments I made.

"I first want to apologizes for the bad choice ode words, and using the word slavery. Now, that I have seen it, I will say that it was hard for me to watch and after thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that I represented my family, friends and organization the wrong way. I'm sorry for those words I used and if I offend anyone, please forgive me. 

"To all my fans whom I've disappointed I'm sorry."

Weaver said he would have more to say on the issue later.

"I came off the wrong way, but I want to explain myself. And I will...."

The apology came a bit more than an hour after Weaver seemingly stood by his comments.

"Everyone in this world has their own view an opinion about different subjects and topics. It just happens that I speak my mind on camera and not behind closed doors. But I will go into detail later about what I meant and mean, and what I stand by, and my view on the issues that are at hand with both, the NFL and some of you fans."


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