Watching the Giants

   While breathing a sigh of relief that no Eagles players saw fit to spice up your Eagletarian's weekend by accidentally shooting themselves, we happened to take in a fair portion of the New York Giants' 23-7 victory over the host Redskins Sunday.

   Hey, don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but the Giants are good.

  They held Clinton Portis to 22 rushing yards. Eli Manning threw for more than 300 even without Plaxico "Friendly Fire" Burress. The Giants have won seven in a row, heading into next week's matchup with the visiting Eagles, six in a row over teams with winning records.

  The Redskins briefly had a little success with misdirection early, the Giants' defense overpursuing. And when the Redskins shut down Brandon Jacobs through the first half, Eli did throw some balls up for grabs, as he still is wont to do. But by the end of the soggy afternoon, neither of those situations offered much promise for next week. That's a fine offensive line and a really, really excellent defense.

  The Giants have the best talent and chemistry in the league. That's a tad inconvenient when you're in their division, and have to play them twice a year, especially inconvenient when you've piddled away wins at Chicago and Cincinnati to put yourself in a situation where you have to win next week to establish yourself as a reasonable wildcard contender down the stretch.

  The good news for Eagles would be that the Redskins are 7-5 and have games with the Ravens and the Eagles remaining, so theoretically, if the Eagles win out, they could gain a playoff berth over Washington. The bad news would be that the "winning out" part would have to include winning next week at the Meadowlands. Unless Plaxico wings Eli in the passing arm between now and then, that looks unlikely.