Wait 'til Next Year

    You'll hear the Eagles declare in the coming days that they aren't done, at 5-4-1 going to Baltimore next Sunday.

    They have to say that. You, obviously, don't have to believe it, and they probably would be shocked if you did.

     Your Eagletarian has very few answers after the ugliest 13-13 tie ever recorded. The Eagles' offense has pretty much given up on trying to run the ball, and Donovan McNabb is doing bad things we've seen him do before (firing high and wide early), along with some we really haven't seen from him that often (forcing balls into coverage). Then there's the whole, "Oh, Gosh, you mean the game is over?" fiasco.

   Andy Reid seems mystified by a great many things, including how to keep the opposition from knowing exactly what's coming next. Boy, the Bengals' D really got caught flatfooted on those three third-and-1 throws, didn't it? Not one was completed. Cincinnati was even all over the flea-flicker. Andy needs to do a better job of putting his playchart in a position to make plays.

   Here's a shot at stating the obvious: Something is very, very wrong. The quarterback is part of it, more this week than ever before, perhaps, but there is more. Much more. This team has talent. It seems to lack leadership, playmaking ability, and bedrock confidence.

  Maybe at this point, McNabb just assumes he's out of here at the end of the season, and isn't that invested in his performance. Hate to say that, or even think it, but does anybody have a better explanation?

   Let me know.