Vincent: Sheldon, Birds will put differences aside

I spoke with former Eagles cornerback Troy Vincent over the weekend about Sheldon Brown’s unhappiness over his contract situation. I’ll elaborate more on the subject in Tuesday's Daily News.

But Vincent, a good friend of Brown’s, is fairly confident that this situation isn’t going to fester and be a locker room distraction for the team like Lito Sheppard’s situation was last year or the Terrell Owens soap opera in 2005.

Sheldon Brown

``I would be very surprised if I saw anything more in the newspapers about it,’’ said Vincent. ``When I saw it last year at this time (with Sheppard), and as it moved forward, it never surprised me. Because you could see by the tone and by the comments that there was more coming. That this wasn’t going to end. That is was going to go through the entire season. That it would be part of the locker room. I don’t see that (with Sheldon).’’

Unlike the easily distracted Sheppard, Vincent believes Brown can put his differences with the front-office aside and focus on football.

``Some of us carry things with us and let it affect the way we perform our job, let it affect the way we interact with the people around us,’’ he said. ``Some let it affect every aspect of their lives; how they treat people, how they treat their teammates, how they respond at home.

``I don’t see that with Sheldon. I have never seen that side of him. I don’t think it’s there. I’ve known him for 8-9 years. If I haven’t seen any of those characteristics so far, it would greatly surprise me if I saw anything different now.

``There’s been something every offseason (with the Eagles) by someone who’s been unhappy. Some kind of issue of this sort that becomes an issue in the locker room moving forward. Through June, July, August and into the regular season. I think there are ways you can avoid that. You have to communicate. Joe (Banner) and Andy (Reid) understand now how Sheldon feels and Sheldon understands their position. With that being said, I believe they’ll get to a place where it will be mutually beneficial for all parties.’’

Again, look for more from Vincent in tomorrow's Daily News