Vincent, Carlin Honored, Inactives Listed

Cornerback Troy Vincent, who spent eight seasons with the Eagles, will join the team's Hall of Fame. (Andy Manis/AP)

There was a rare Jeffrey Lurie sighting Monday night, as the team chairman emerged to laud former Pro Bowl cornerback Troy Vincent and longtime ticket manager Leo Carlin, who are being inducted into the Eagles' Hall of Fame.

Lurie took no questions and disappeared through a side door just before the news conference ended.

Vincent and Carlin answered several questions where they were asked to compare the current tough times with the past. For Carlin, there was no real comparison, given that many years ago, he had to bargain with local TV stations to avoid blackouts.

Vincent, who grew up in Bucks County, talked about leadership and accountability, and said the advice he would give a free agent thinking of coming here would be to be aware that Philly is about production, not potential -- if you might have trouble living up to the deal you signed, you shouldn't come here.

Both men related humorous anecdotes about dealings with Eagles fans. Carlin told of the Franklin Field days, when the Birds offered a "father and son" ticket deal. Come gameday, Carlin said, "the father would be 32 and the 'son' would be 28. C'mon buddy, are you kidding me?"

Vincent said when he first arrived, near the end of the Ray Rhodes era, disgruntled fans repeatedly knocked over his mailbox in Yardley. He said he eventually built one of brick that was harder to vandalize.


The Eagles' inactive list contains no surprises. You knew QB Michael Vick, RB Greg Polk, WR Jason Avant and RB LeSean McCoy were out with injuries. Joining them on the sideline are new WR Greg Salas, OL Nate Menkin and DE Phillip Hunt.

The Birds are dressing 10 defensive linemen, four wideouts, and just two running backs, not including FB Stanley Havili, who can move over in a pinch.